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Granite is literally as old as the earth, an igneous rock formed from magma, with an attractive high dense grain. Being hard and durable and having the ability to be polished to mirror finish it lends itself to many and varied applications, both indoors and out, such as wall cladding, flooring as well as kitchen bench tops. It also makes a dramatically striking building façade. The elegance of granite is timeless. Its natural beauty gives an aura of distinction.

Shivakashi Gold Granite used on these kitchen benchtops.

Black Galaxy Granite was used to amazing effect with this HIA-NKBA Award Winning kitchen.

The curved breakfast bar was a feature of this designer kitchen.

Design Considerations

Granite is the hardest of all building stones with a very dense grain, making it virtually impervious. It's aesthetic appearance and hardwearing characteristics make it ideal for countertops and flooring.

Surface finish

  • Polished Only available with certain harder stones.
  • Honed The most common surface finish.Can vary between matt and a slight sheen.
  • Brushed A textured surface that varies with the hardness of the material and the degree of brushing.

Sizes and Thickness

Slab sizes vary from 260cm up to 340cm in length, with heights ranging from 120cm up to 200cm. Thickness vary between 20mm to 60mm as commonly used for most projects, however thicknesses can be adjusted to any thickness upon request.

Nero Assoluto Granite, the perfect choice for this outstanding modern kitchen.