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Limestone is another sedimentary rock formed at the bottom of lakes and seas, where over millions of years, heat and pressure cause the sediment to turn to stone. Often containing unique fossil specimens which give it a characteristically earthy feel, it adds invaluable depth and charm. It has been a popular choice in architecture the world over, gaining popularity as a sophisticated flooring material its true warmth and aesthetic appeal cannot be beaten.

Pietra Di Erfoud contains incredibly beautiful shell and
coral fossils that are millions
of years old.

Our range of fossil stones, include this Pietra Di Erfoud Limestone, used to create this truly original vanity bench top.

Pietra Di Erfoud Limestone vanity top featuring Wenge wood inlays.

Gohera Limestone wall tiles and Mink Grey Limestone vanity.

Mink Grey Limestone vanity and bath surround, with Gohera Limestone floor and wall tiles.


Design Considerations

Limestones can vary conciderably in colour and texture, as well as its hardness and therefore suitability for some applications. For this reason, we usually only sell from stock and are pleased to have customers see physical stock and discuss their intended application.

Surface finish

  • Polished Only available with certain harder stones.
  • Honed The most common surface finish.Can vary between matt and a slight sheen.
  • Brushed A textured surface that varies with the hardness of the material and the degree of brushing.
  • Water worn A process that gently ages the stone giving a softer look with slightly contoured edges.

Sizes and Thickness

Slab sizes vary from 260cm up to 340cm in length, with heights ranging from 120cm up to 200cm. Thickness vary between 20mm to 60mm as commonly used for most projects, however thicknesses can be adjusted to any thickness upon request.

Elegant Mocha Chocolatta Limestone columns offset the Calacatta Marble bench.

Sophisticated style radiates from this Desert Rose Limestone floor and matching reception desk.