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Marble soft, warm and exquisite the choice of artists throughout the ages. Marble is a metamorphic rock which began as limestone and then crystallized by heat and pressure. The wonderful variety of colour is created from the minerals and chemical elements in the stone. Marble is extremely versatile as it can be used to create dramatic flooring, and wall cladding, kitchen bench tops, vanity bench tops as well as spectacular pieces of designer furniture that are not only functional but exceedingly desirable and attractive. Marble's unique beauty is undeniable and its applications endless

Calacatta Marble island bench including sink, showing exquisite EMG craftsmanship.

Cut from a single slab, a seemless flow of marble vaining runs through sink and bench.

Calacatta and Arabescato Marble help create an air of luxury to this designer bathroom.

Light Emperador Marble columns with White Pearl and Champagne Marble shelves.

Champagne Marble shelves, an exceptional addition to any home of commercial building.

Designer pieces. This incredible bath tub was custom made at EMG from a single slab of Victoria Amazonica granite.

Design Considerations

Marble offers a superb natural alternative for many applications, with a wide variety of types and endless colours to choose from. Marble is usually highly polished to highlight it's wonderful natural characteristics. However, it is also available in a matt (honed) finish or an aged (antiqued) finish for a more traditional look.

Surface finish

  • Polished Only available with certain harder stones.
  • Honed The most common surface finish. Can vary between matt and a slight sheen.

Sizes and Thickness

Slab sizes vary from 260cm up to 340cm in length, with heights ranging from 120cm up to 200cm. Thickness vary between 20mm to 60mm as commonly used for most projects, however thicknesses can be adjusted to any thickness upon request.