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Onyx is art in stone the unique translucent feature of onyx makes it ideal for standout design elements. When light is shone through this magnificent stone it literally brings it to life creating stunning natural patterns of colour and shadow. This makes it the perfect choice for mood enhancing lamps and softly lit tables or as scene steeling wall art.

With internal lighting, this Light Green Onyx custom made coffee table takes advantage of the qualities of this unique stone.

Bring in your ideas, and EMG can use Onyx to create a wide range of designer pieces.

With the addition of internal lighting, this Onyx column becomes a
feature in any room.

Design Considerations

Onyx is similar in strength to marble and travertine. Like traditional architectural stones, it can be used in both domestic and commercial buildings, however its matchless translucence qualities make for beautiful results that can not be achieved using other stone. The surface of Onyx is readily polished, permitting it to be used for a variety of purposes such as stone counter tops, walls and floors and other architectural applications. Decorative uses including mantels, water features, light fixtures, and other design feature all of which can be further enhanced through internal lighting.

Sizes and Thickness

Slab sizes vary from 260cm up to 340cm in length, with heights ranging from 120cm up to 200cm. Thickness vary between 20mm to 60mm as commonly used for most projects, however thicknesses can be adjusted to any thickness upon request.