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To maintain the beauty of natural stone, protect it by applying a sealer, and maintain with the specially formulated care package.

Now available is Seal-Tech's Petra Sealer/Petra Magic cleaning package which can be used for all types of stone such as marble, granite, limestone and sandstone as well as terracotta, grout and porcelain. Petra Sealer is easy to use and quickly penetrates to inhibit stains and protect your natural stone. Petra Magic cleaner is a highly concentrated, low foaming product that is safe and effective on all surfaces. This specially formulated and proven EMG package will ensure that your natural stone remains as stunningly beautiful as ever.

Petra Magic
Ideal for cleaning all types of natural stone. Spray on, allow to foam, then simply wipe off after 1 minute.

Petra Seal
Quickly penetrates surface and inhibits stain absorbtion. Will not yellow, and leaves a natural surface appearance.