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Travertine is a sedimentary rock, made up of layers of calcite formed by the accumulation of organic matter in hot springs and spa areas. It has been used as a building stone since ancient Roman times and comes in many colours from countries such as Italy, Turkey, Iran and Mexico. Travertine, like marble and granite, can be used both inside and outdoors to provide a striking visual effect with its sensational textural honeycomb structure giving it unequalled character.

Design Considerations

Filled or unfilled? Travertine contains voids in the surface, caused by gases present when the rock was in the molten state, which are a feature of this material. These can vary from pinholes to quite large irregular holes. They can be left unfilled, filled with grout when installed, or filled at the factory.

Surface finish

  • Polished Available only with filled travertine.
  • Honed Available in either filled or unfilled travertine.
  • Brushed A textured finish available unfilled tiles only.

Sizes and Thickness

Slab sizes vary from 260cm up to 340cm in length, with heights ranging from 120cm up to 200cm. Thickness vary between 20mm to 60mm as commonly used for most projects, however thicknesses can be adjusted to any thickness upon request.